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Showing your products in a natural light

Nothing excites me more than capturing a naturally lit scene. This is what drew me to photography in the first place, looking at the sunlight cascading through trees and thinking 'I want to capture that!'

I will always aim to use available natural light at a shoot, either from a window or skylight or (if available) a garden or terrace. If you avoid direct sunlight (cloudy days are best) nothing compares.

Early morning (or sometimes cloudy winter evenings) will give a blue tone to your images, evenings will bring oranges and reds. Creative use of such light and a few tweaks in post will give you the most natural results. 

When it comes to still life photography (which is essentially what product photography is about), I prefer to use natural light, especially when placing the products in a lifestyle setting.

A subtle use of a soft box or fill light is sometimes needed, but it should not be recognisable to the viewer. Can you tell if any of the images on this page are lit artificially?