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A Pinboard for the Social Generation

The hot social media site Pinterest launched about two years ago, but in early 2012 it exploded in popularity. More recently the web has seen many Pinterest clones, even ebay have re-launched with a 'Pinterest style, visual discovery interface'.

Screen shot 2012-03-25 at 20.55.37.png

Photography and visual art can often be static on the web, this site allows the content to be shared by 'pinning'. If you love photography and in particular lifetyle and interiors, it is a very useful tool, both for inspiration and engaging with your customers. 

The popularity of such interfaces shows us that (as in traditional retail environments) customers are visually stimulated, guided by how something looks before they check the price, material and other technical info.

If you are used to using Google's image search, Pinterest is a delight. The quality of the content is much higher because it's curated by the site's users.

Earlier this year, I set up the Pinterest account for Nom Living.

They will soon be launching an app for the iPad and no doubt expanding into other areas.

Check out the results with the following searches:

Street Art   -   Spring    -    Star Wars    -    Classic Cameras

If you want advice on how to best use images on your website, or through social media, get in touch.