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The Digital Camera Myth

It's simple, unless you are a professional photographer working on advertising, high-end publications or sports you do not need a camera that costs over £700. Buy the camera body only and save the rest for the best Prime lenses you can afford.

A mid-range like the Nikon D90 will be all you need. 

Basically, the high-end 'pro' cameras offer full-frame sensors and high burst shooting (up to 11 frames a second on the £4,000 Nikon D4. Almost all photographers do not need this, despite the claims of tech-geek magazines and blogs who get obsessed with sensor size and mega pixels.

The most important things are how you use the camera and to continue developing your own style in the process.

My top tips for all-round lenses are a 50mm and a 24mm Prime. If you are doing product photography a 100mm macro is a worth it's weight on gold for capturing detail.

Lastly, ask family and friends if they have old manual lenses that they no longer use. Manual Nikon lenses will fit Nikon digital SLRs and likewise for Canon. I use a manual 50mm f/1.8, it's pin sharp and never fails me. Most of the images on this website are taken using this lens! You can pick up second-hand lenses for £50 and up.. at least half the price of the new digital equivalent. Using a manual lens will force you to learn about aperture and shutter speed.