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Why I left Facebook for the good of my photography.

There was a time when I uploaded all my photos to Facebook, as a way of sharing and archiving my work. Those days are gone. The way Facebook treated images always felt secondary to status updates anyway - slow to load, boring navigation and no full screen options.

So this week I deactivated my account. I say ‘deactivate’, but unfortunately you cannot fully delete it. Unless Facebook goes bust, if I login five years from now, my account, my friends and all my content will reappear from a weird kind of social-media-hypersleep.

UPDATE: You can fully delete your account, they just don't tell you:

I also deleted my Instagram account today after reading their updated Terms of Service. It’s point 1 of ‘Proprietary Rights...’ that’s important. Many are overreacting about this, but if you value the images you create, take action.

One of my favourite Instagram images on my rather short-lived account. Now replaced by the new (and improved) Flickr app.

These new terms will become effective from January 16 2013, so if you are having doubts, use Instaport to download your content and delete your account from this link:

If you want to take full ownership of your photography I would suggest 500px, Flickr  (who have recently launched a new and improved app) or Open Photo Project. Flickr has resale deals in place with a number of companies, however it shares revenue from those with users and only uses photos with users' explicit permission. 500px also allows you to sell your work directly through the site.

For an alternative social network, check out Diaspora:

Diaspora. An open-source social network. Make some new friends.

People keep asking me ‘why’? Well, why not?

If your friends can’t be bothered to follow you outside of Facebook, don’t worry, you’ll find others who appreciate your work. Turn off your TV, deactivate your Facebook account and see how good it feels.

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