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Columbia Road in Snow

As the snow fell on Sunday I took a walk down to Columbia Road Flower Market. Although many shops were closed and only half the traders turned up, it was great to see the brave souls who made it down and walk the streets without the usual crush.

The Geffrye Museum, a peaceful haven off Kingsland Road.

Colours popping out against the white.


Passing by on Ezra Street.

Ezra Street, one of my favourite parts of London.

'He's so cute', they said.

Standing Guard.

Wrapping up to load tropical plants in the snow, only in London!

Winter warmers.

Lovely textures on this shopfront.

Lights through the glass.

The brave flower sellers that turned up (like Carl Grover)  made the most of the customers! Read more about Carl here:

Freezing Lemons!

I ducked into Cafe Columbia for a warm bagel.

What an unusual sight, normally you can't see the stalls for the people!

"Daffs! Ice Cold Daffs! Two Bunches a fiver!"

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