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Squarespace Workshop at Future & Found

Squarespace for Interiors industry.

Intro and tips for creating your portfolio and business website.


Thursday Nov 2. 2017 at Future&Found, London.

Squarespace Workshop

Course description.

This 2 hour workshop will provide you with an introduction to Squarespace and give you the tools to start creating your new website, or improving your existing site. Yeshen will use lots of visuals and case studies to illustrate the topics.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to prepare for a website project
  • Why professional photography is crucial
  • Choosing the right template
  • What is an ‘Index’?
  • How Squarespace sites are built using ‘blocks’ of content
  • Image galleries
  • Blogging on Squarespace

Yeshen can offer a 20% discount on the first year of Squarespace if you want to sign up at the workshop itself, or at a later date. If Yeshen signs you up under his account you can also get a special 6 month extended trial - perfect of you want to test out Squarespace overalong period.You would still get the 20% off if you decide to pay annually.

This workshop will not cover selling online (Squarespace Commerce), domains/email, third party apps or coding customisations. Yeshen will be running regular workshops at his Islington studio on other topics, please contact him for more info.

What to bring:
A laptop and/or notebook.
Images and text if you wish to test out a Squarespace template or practice during the workshop.


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