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Client Feature: Well Lit

Photography is all about light, so photographing lighting naturally adds another layer of challenges - and opportunities! When the team from Well Lit got in touch we knew this would push the limits of our skills in the studio. We are delighted with the work we have done after several studio shoots plus a wonderful location shoot.

We sat down with Chris and Bujar to hear their story and why professional photography is such a crucial element of their marketing strategy


How did Well Lit come into being? Why did you choose light bulbs for your business?

I was on a business trip in Taiwan looking at electric products for another company when the manufacturer showed me they were developing LED lamps. Even though the technology wasn’t ready then, i could see the huge possibilities of reducing peoples lighting bills by 85% and the load on the national grid be using LED Lamps that lasted ten times longer than conventional lamps and dramatically reduced carbon emissions. I knew this was a technology that could benefit anyone and everyone who used it.

Bujar and Chris, Founders of Well Lit.

Bujar and Chris, Founders of Well Lit.

You come to us all the way from Leeds - how did you find out about Yeshen's studio?

We’d been researching a photographer to take some product images for a new range of decorative of LED Lamps we wanted to approach Not on the High Street with. The images on Yeshen’s website looked great and when we swapped a few emails it was clear he was an expert in his field. The price was also extremely competitive and we were willing to travel to get the necessary quality and expertise.

Shooting lighting and glass are challenging on their own already. Your product combines both. What challenges did you face showing your product to clients? What tips or tricks have you learnt?

Before having an images, we simply had to send a physical sample. This was expensive but necessary to get their attention. Now we can send a few double sided postcards and they can see everything from these images. This cuts down on cost and wastage. Not only that but the products now stand out on our website, which means everyone who comes to our site is seeing our products at their best ! Our tip is to get Yeshen to do your photography!

Shooting these bulbs light on black background was a real technical challenge-see studio setup below. The final shots required very minimal retouching as we spent the time getting it right 'in camera'.

Had you done shoots like this before? What were your expectations from the first shoot?

We hadn’t ever done a photo shoot like this before so didn’t really know how it would go. We expected to have a lot of photos taken and end up with a much smaller amount of usable images. In fact we ended up with a lot of images and didn’t know our products could look that good.

You are launching a new collection of LED flexible filament bulbs without glass. They are really cool and exciting. How do you come up with new products? What is the process and inspiration?

We are always developing new products, most of which don’t see the light of day.  But we have to be pushing the boundaries of whats possible with the technology we have and creating unique and innovative lamps all the time. We collaborate with other companies and manufacturers around the world to introduce new ideas and manufacturing processes so that we always have some interesting, fresh and technologically superior to the competition.

Having good photos of any product these days is crucial, especially one such as light bulbs. How have the photos we have done made a difference? What has been the response from your clients?

With products like our decorative LED Lamps, we wouldn’t be able to effectively market them or get anyone’s interest without high quality images. Not only that, but in addition to product shots, being able to shoot the lamps on location somewhere and show our customers how best to use them and how they physically look in a real setting, is crucial. We generate huge interest now through social media sites such as Instagram and we also send out images of the products on postcards to prospective customers, it makes all the difference. The response from our customers has been amazing, particularly from our reseller customer who also use our images to promote the products on their websites.

We did a location shoot for the light bulbs a few months ago. How was it different to shooting in the studio? Any tips to other makers about finding locations or things to consider?

We loved the location shoot. It was fun, interesting and the images that came from it have probably had the biggest impact on our sales. It’s very different from the studio, in which we simply listen and watch Yeshen do his thing. On the location shoot it’s more of a conversation about look the brand want to achieve and Yeshen’s advice on how best to achieve it with the conditions and light the location provides. The tips we would suggest are all about maximising the limited time you have. So 1) Make sure you have studied the images of the location and have a very good idea of what products you want to shoot in which rooms and how you will will do that and b) Have as much setup before the shoot as you can. For example we had four of our light fittings all wired up to a dimmer attached to a long extension plug socket so that we could move this quickly and easily from room to room.

What is the best compliment you have received for your products and our photography?

The best compliment we ever received was from a photographer who shoots for the fashion industry who told us at a trade show that must have a good photographer and shooting light bulbs and reflective surfaces is a nightmare.

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