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Just a Card Week

Celebrate creativity with JUST A CARD WEEK 18–22 June!

Founded in 2015 in response to dwindling sales at independent shops, galleries and design shows, the JUST A CARD campaign has gone from strength to strength,bringing designers, artists, shop owners and everyday people together for a trulythriving creative community. 

To celebrate and build on this success, Just a Card
is inviting everyone to participate in JUST A CARD week, from 18–22 June.
Everyone passionate about creativity and independents is invited to share their stories on Social Media, and their work places too. People are asked to celebrate the contribution independent shops and creatives make and post images of the hundreds of JUST A CARD stickers, encouraging people to support independents, which are popping up in shop windows all around the country.

JUST A CARD is running various initiatives to help small businesses during the week, including no
nonsense Social Media tutorials with expert Emily Quinton from Makelight and a Giveaway, with fantastic prizes, including business mentoring by The Design Trust. There will also be a 5 day Instagram Challenge culminating, on Friday 22 June, with everyone doing a real life happy dance – to remind people of the ever popular phrase:

Every time you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance!

The campaign began when Artist and Designer Sarah Hamilton read a quote by gallery owners
who’d been forced to close:

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open”’. It was a call to action. Just a card, just a book, just a pot, just a gift – that’s all it takes. Every sale however small, even just a card, is the difference between a vibrant creative community or boarded up businesses. The message has struck a chord – as the campaign winning the publically voted for Aviva Community Award in just one day proves (voting usually lasts a month!). 

Thousands of artists, designers, makers,
museum and gallery owners and curators also put up posters, use the logo and take part inevents –
JUST A CARD’S alternative to Black Friday, Indie Friday made such an impact it featured on BBC Radio.
The campaign is run by a team of 8 passionate volunteers (with practically no funding) – all are artists, makers or creative business owners. The team are incredibly grateful to many businesses including Top Drawer, The GCA, Moo, The Design Trust, Made by Cooper, Mollie Makes Magazine, and Cardgains for their most generous support in kind. Shop Window Stickers and Just a Card pins.

Just a Card pins cost £10.00 each (plus p&p) to help with campaign running costs.
Please order from

Shop window stickers are available by sending an A4 SAE with a large letter stamp to:
The Leaping Hare Gallery & Framers, Easingwold, Yorkshire, YO61 3AE


JUST A CARD campaign founder Sarah Hamilton is available for interview/comment.

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