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Cræftiga award - applications open

My recent work with the New Designers team made me aware of this wonderful new award. This is an excellent opportunity for makers >> spread the word!

The inaugural Cræftiga award is open to young makers of all disciplines with practices rooted in craft and making.

Cræftiga is a major new talent search, aimed at unearthing the next generation of undiscovered craftspeople.

The winners’ work will be exhibited at the British Craft Pavilion within London Design Fair in September 2018, and will receive mentoring including PR, promotional, design, communication and editorial support from Hole & Corner over the course of a year, as well as insight from our extensive network of makers, influencers and industry leaders.

The finalists' work will be displayed at the British Craft Pavilion as part of London Design Fair 2018 (which runs from 20–23 September 2018) – to an audience of over 28,000 UK and International attendees. 

Editorial coverage and support in Hole & Corner

The winning entrants will be profiled in Hole & Corner magazine and go on to receive mentoring from the Hole & Corner team over the course of a year on everything from PR and communications to design and branding.

More info and application details:
Deadline 31 July 2018.

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