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The (even) Bigger Picture!

It's such a buzz to see friends making great things. Daisy Jacobs and Chris Wilder created a fantastic animated short called The Bigger Picture last year. It's gathered a lion-share of festival wins, not to mention a BAFTA and Oscar nomination.

I was fortunate to visit the set (at the National Film and Television School) to shoot some 'making of' stills, while watching cinematographer Max Williams at work. The production was full of innovative techniques, from the props to the lighting, they really pulled off something special.



Now, they've turned to Kickstarter to crowd-fund their next film, which will employ similar techniques (life-sized stop-motion animation with six-foot-something painted characters interacting in half-painted/half-real sets).

Watch the pitch video below - it's brilliant. Click here for more on the project and to see the rewards, including props from the film! Also, check out a recent interview with animator/director Chris Wilder at The New Current.