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Shoot Prep - relaunched!

Preparing our clients for their shoot is crucial. It's important to us they get the best value for money and its all about that prep. I often do talks on product photography (most recently at New Designers One Year On) and mention it.

So we have fully updated the 'How to Prepare for your Photoshoot' resource, previously a pdf it is now an interactive part of this website. The resource is password protected so please email me if you want access.

The makers love it!

The shoot prep guide was incredibly helpful, I liked the fact its all there laid out in black and white, what I’ll need to do, consider, costings etc.  Super helpful!
Claire Vine, Textile Designer

I've been emailing blogs and magazines all week, asking for features. Having the bank of photos to draw from is so brilliant. I don't need to think about it - I know they are clear, calm, well composed and attractive. It's been so helpful already.
Trudi Murray, Artist

Studio view - part of the Shoot Prep resource.

Studio view - part of the Shoot Prep resource.