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Workshops, events, the shoot highlights, locations and behind the scenes stories from Photographer Yeshen Venema.

On location: Lyme Regis

Last month we took the studio on the road once again, this time to the South coast and a very special house. The Crow's Nest has been shortlisted for Small House of the Year and it's easy to see why it caught the judges eye.

There's quite a story too... the owners were planning to update their existing holiday home on the site, but half way through the process the house catastrophically broke in half during a landslip. The new structure, designed by AR Studio includes features to allow the building to shift and be re-levelled following another such event. Landslips happen often in this area, known as the 'Jurassic Coast' due to the amount of fossil finds. The house sits right on the South Coast path and at the edge of a 4 mile stretch of protected coastline - the views are stunning!

Click above images to view full screen. All photos Martin Gardener

So this location was quite different to our previous shoots at The Welsh House and The Forge, the interior was strikingly modern while the outdoor space added to it's appeal. Our regular stylist Mugdha Sapte came along this time and we were both grateful for (working) holiday! The clients who joined us for this shoot were delighted with the results. See the gallery below for some highlights.

All styling by Mugdha Sapte.

Clients in this gallery L-R: Claire Gaudion, Zest&Zing, Stitch by Stich, Kindred and Wilde, Sue Pryke, Vintage Industrial Homewares, Penny Burns, Jennie Jackson, Angie Parker and Floor Story.

Our next location shoot will take place in Somerset, late September 2017. This is another special one, more info will be available in early August following Yeshen's site visit.