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Workshops, events, the shoot highlights, locations and behind the scenes stories from Photographer Yeshen Venema.

Manmade Talks

The Truman Brewery will be filled with talented chaps on 12/13 June this year! Manmade will be a special show for 'men who make'.

Mr Wingate. Photo: Yeshen Venema

I'll be taking photos on both days, but also speaking as part of the talks series. It's an excellent line up, which I'm proud to be a part of. I'll be putting together a presentation full of images from my work with designer/makers in the last two years.

Product Photos that Sell, Friday 12th June, 17.15 - 18.00

Yeshen Venema, 'The Designer/Maker's favourite photographer', will show you examples of great product photography, explain how they were created and show you how to use them to enhance your brand. Book Now - £5

What Makes Your Brand Different , Friday 12th June, 18.15 - 19.00

Keith and Mark from homeware label Mini-Moderns will discuss how an authentic brand story can be the key to success as an indepdent designer.  Launched in 2006, the design duo specialise in using applied pattern across a range of products. Their initial collection was snapped up by Heals and their brand continues to go from strength to strength, selling online and via stockists around the world. Book Now - £5

Crafted Masculinities: Unravelling the Self Made Man, Sat 13th June, 13.15 - 14.00

What is "masculinity"? Why is there more of it in a hammer than there is in a sewing machine? And, more importantly, why did so many people spend the early 2010s knitting artificial moustaches? In this talk Benjamin Gordon Wilson will explore the last 200 years of the handmade, the manmade, and men whilst also exploring the secret sexual language of fixie-bikes, model trains, and the ubiquitous "willy warmer". Book Now - £5

The World of Manbroidery, Saturday 13th June, 14.15 - 15.00

Join the Mr X Stitch, the Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery, as he takes you on a journey through the world of men who stitch. From cross stitch to quilts to needle felting to machine embroidery, men are making their mark with a needle and thread in some pretty cool ways. This presentation will showcase amazing embroidered art from around the world with a focus on manbroiderers. If you thought needlecraft was just for old ladies – think again! Book Now - £5

Creative Journeys: Wilfrid Wood, Saturday 13th June, 15.15 - 16.00

Sculptor Wilfrid Wood will be talking about his time at tv programme Spitting Image, making heads out of paper mache, bodies out of polymer clay and his one and only sculpture made from wood. Book Now - £5