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Summer 2019 Location

If you been following our work for a while you’ll know that 3-4 times a year we organise special location shoots around the UK. Since 2016 we have been to Welsh cottages, stunning coastal houses and period properties in Hampshire.

These shoots allow us the opportunity to create very different images to our studio shoots due to the unique interiors, furniture and props available.

This time, stylist Mugdha Spate and I are back in London (Engelfield Road) at a beautiful house with a contemporary renovation softened by lots of plants and mid century furniture. We love the concrete surround the wood burner and light-filled bathroom - so many lovely spots to shoot in!

We’ll be there 17/18 July and are offering 1/4 (2hr) or 1/2 day (4hr) sessions.

For full info and to book a spot (places are very limited) see:

Engelfield Road location.

Engelfield Road location.