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A Crafty Popup

A popup shop filled with crafty delights from Crafty Fox and Brixi

I was out of my comfort zone. We photographers love to plan, it keeps us calm. For some reason I decided it would be fun to create a 'popup' photoshoot during a London heatwave and be completely spontaneous - what was I thinking??

In the last year I've worked with over 70 designer/makers, all with their own unique products (and locations). With such diverse shoots, it's crucial to communicate ahead of time, create a shot list etc... but what if none of that applied?

As part of the Crafty Fox and Brixi popup at Camden Collective I invited makers to book a 40min photo session and bring a few of their products to see what we could create on the fly. And the results? 

First up was Retro Poodle with some cute little characters created using vintage textiles. We tried a few setups, ending with a 'line up' on a neutral grey.


Next, Seija Chowdhury from Moha London brought along a bunch of prints and tote bags and we used a simple wall hook and table setup. See more of the colourful prints on her Not on the High Street shop.

Tote Bag from Moho London

After lunch it was the turn of Mei Yu and her beautiful microworlds, or 'Ear Gardens'. I love shooting macro, so I could have spent all day on these products!  The humidity actually created some interesting effects within the jars - a mini jungle in London!

A Microworld by Ear Gardens

Chunky jewellery was the name of the game for my next session with One I Made Earlier.

We needed a colourful backdrop so grabbed an IKEA unit with a pink door and a sheet of yellow paper - viola! The aesthetic we created is perfect for Big Cartel.

L'il3birdy's illustrated table mats, tea towels, cards and coasters turned out to be the most challenging products of the day, but we still found some new ways to shoot them. My favourite was this Christmas card on a grey background.

Christmas card from

Last, but not least, was Jen Hewett. She brought along a set of rings that had been electroplated as part of an art project, very interesting story! The macro lens was put to good use again.

Jen Hewett

By the end I was understandably pretty drained, but in a good way! It felt good to test myself outside my usual working environment and in the process meet some wonderful makers!  There's talk of doing a follow up in September, so if you're interested, drop a note below to keep in the loop.