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Peace of mind (and gear)

I love my gear. Any photographer will say the same. Our items of equipment purchased over time become treasured possessions. We take them everywhere, recording our lives, paying the bills and creating memories. 

So, if they are taken from you, it hurts. 

Recently, my flat was broken into and all my computer and digital camera equipment was stolen. Only my 35mm Nikon FE was left behind, I guess they saw no value in that old thing. 

I had contents  insurance, but as a word of warning - read the fine print. If you are in any way working as a photographer, even the slightest hint of 'business use' could mean your camera equipment is not covered. You do not even need to be a 'professional' or have a business name. Thankfully, my computers were covered, as they are considered 'personal use' because people generally watch movies and browse the web on them. But my trusty old Nikon D40x and lenses were not covered

It's simple, if you are making money from photography you need an insurance policy that covers 'business equipment'. In some cases (if you photograph people in public places, or work with children) you also may need public liability insurance, not to mention an enhanced Criminal Records Check.

I would recommend going to a specialist photography insurer and shopping around, not just for the best quote, but the most comprehensive cover. Make sure you gear is also covered in case of theft in the UK and internationally. Your policy might only cover theft if the items are stolen while you wearing them (and not, for example from a hotel room while you are sleeping, or from under a table in a cafe). Also check the excess you would be liable to pay in the event of a claim

Aside from insurance, scan and backup the original receipts and manuals of your equipment (this helps to prove they are yours) and consider marking with a UV pen and registering through the UK Police with Immobilise. Asking someone else to take a photo of you with the equipment is another tip and will give extra proof to the insurance investigator (loss adjustor).

And for your computers - install this: it's free and will give you control over your laptop/desktop machine after it is stolen.

I would not recommend Natwest (or any other bank) for home contents insurance. 

A bit of time spent on these matters can save you weeks of stress, believe me.