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Shoot Prep Intro

How to prepare for your shoot - the ultimate guide for small businesses and designer/makers when working with a professional photographer.  By Yeshen Venema featuring examples, quotes, tip and more.


Shoot prep

Using this resource to plan your shoot will help us create better images together. We cover the basics about our studio, what props/surfaces/backgrounds we have and additional tips for specific kinds of products, materials and locations.

We recommend using a planning app like Evernote or Milanote to sketch ideas and moodboard or keep it simple with a spreadsheet and printed out images - we love a physical moodboard too.

If sharing a board or Dropbox folder with us please name it 'YourBrandname-Yeshen' rather than 'Photography' or 'Website' so we can find it ;-)

For your shot list, you can use our free template.

When planning textures and backgrounds check out our current stock, consider creating or ordering your own custom surface.

Shoot rates start from £700+VAT for full day in our studio without styling. See: and for more.

We welcome feedback on the content, feel free to drop us a line.


Claire Vine. Textile Designer

"The shoot prep guide was incredibly helpful, I liked the fact it's all there laid out in black and white, what I’ll need to do, consider, costings etc. Super helpful!"


Trudi Murray, Artist

I've been emailing blogs and magazines all week, asking for features. Having the bank of photos to draw from is so brilliant. I don't need to think about it - I know they are clear, calm, well composed and attractive. It's been so helpful already.