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Kitty Macall

Pricing update

I've been working with many of you for over two years now, quite a journey from shooting in the corner of our old flat to the current studio in Thornhill Square! I've loved seeing you all develop your businesses, in some cases from craft stalls to being stocked in John Lewis.

As my business has grown, so have the costs, but I have been careful to always add value when increasing prices. I still aim to provide the best value in the industry, do not ask for deposits and offer 28 days payment on invoices.

In the last year we have added new lighting gear, props, surfaces/backgrounds to the studio. More recently I have brought in two very talented assistants, Annabel and Mughda, to help with the shoots. I often shoot 5-6 days per week, so their help is crucial if I am to continue working to a high standard.

They both have skills in prop building and styling - you can see some recent shoots they helped on for Simple Shape, Future and Found, Little Storm and The Letter Loft.

Another key addition is video gear. We have invested in a camera slider and motion control unit, you can see some of the results in the motion gallery:

And finally, we have been working for the last few months on a comprehensive 'How to prepare for your shoot' document. This will be a downloadable pdf covering everything from mood boards to crop sizes - and I'll be offering this to all my clients for free (but please don't share it).

So how much ££?

For 2016 my rates will be increasing by £50 for existing clients and £100 for new clients. 

The above rate increases also apply to our web projects, although these are sometimes quoted bespoke for each client. Please also note Yesh&Tash Ltd is VAT registered from 1 Sept 2016 so all invoices will have 20% VAT added.

If you have any questions on this increase please drop me a line or call anytime.

Here's to another great year!