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One Day Web Guide

I am a certified Squarespace Specialist, Squarespace Trainer and member of the Squarespace Circle Developer Platform. I have built over 100 Squarespace websites from blogs, portfolios and business sites to full e-commerce shops - I know Squarespace!

This offer is all about creating a beautiful website in one day. It's also about being well prepared, so first please our guide below. Then get in touch by completing our contact form   - you can also read our testimonials and see our web projects here.

Usually a site with an online shop will take a full day, sometimes a portfolio site or a blog may  only take a half day. It's also possible to book 2 half day sessions, starting the site on the first session and then allowing a week or 2 to work on the site before completing it.

Rates from::
£300+VAT for 1/2 day
£600+VAT for full day.



The Plan

Here's a simple guide to planning your new website. Creating a new site can be a frustrating process if not planned well. Done right, it will be empowering for you and your team.

With our One Day Web service we would normally meet up between point 3 and 4, but each job is different. 

Before you start this allow some time to look at your business plan (you do have one right?). How does your website and social media fit into your plan? What are your objectives for the next 1-3 years? Also, consider your brand identity and photography/graphic assets. You should be confident in these before starting to create the site. Having a logo in different versions (dark/light/square), brand fonts and colour pallet will make the design process much easier.

1. Choose your platform.

Is it Squarespace? Congratulations, we can help! Although we have worked with Wordpress, Big Cartel and Shopify in the past, we always come back to Squarespace, now it's the only platform we use. Read more about the company here

One key feature of Squarespace is it's scalability - meaning your site can start simple with a single page blog, then evolve into a portfolio site, then a shop all in the same website.

We'll be honest, there's a couple of things Squarespace isn’t currently built to support:
• Recurring payments
• Member logins

There are ways around the above, so if you feel it's a deal breaker, don't worry we can work it out.

Here's what some people have to say about Squarespace:
Hudson + Daughter - Why I chose Squarespace for my online shop after ETSY.
Elle + Company - Why I use Squarespace

2. Register your Domain name

a) If you already have your domain, we'll edit a few settings for you when your new site is ready. If you have a .com domain name you can transfer it to Squarespace. If not, you can leave your domain and email hosting, only the web hosting will move to Squarespace. But if you do need email, Squarespace works with Google Apps. make sure your email is @yourdomain not Gmail or Hotmail - more professional that way.

b) If you need a new domain name, you can either:

Register it through your Squarespace account (free for first year).


Use a domain registrar like Go Daddy or

3. choose your template and subscription package

Squarespace offers a wonderful choice of templates, although some are optimised for commerce or blogging, you get all the core features regardless of which one you choose. Consider what features you need, then talk to us about the best package to suit. Don't worry too much about the details of the structure, we'll help you work this out. This guide from Squarespace helps compare the template 'familes' and this official guide is also great:

They also offer a guide for creating a multilingual site:

The great thing with Squarespace is that your annual subscription covers everything, you get all the updates, you can switch templates in future at no extra cost and the support is the best in the industry (reply within 1hr, 24hrs a day).

4. prepare you content (words and images

Create one master folder on your computer (a Dropbox folder is ideal so it's backed up and accessible online). Use sub-folders for each page and name the image files using plain English - this all helps with S.E.O.

Words: You can do this is one document with sub headings, or separate docs. For each page on your site, write out the words and links. All content can of course be modified later on, but get it as close as possible before adding to your site. Also prepare your 'boring stuff' of your T&Cs like Shipping&Delivery, Privacy Policy and so on - these are a legal requirement. 

Images: For site images the min width should be 1500px. Read about why here. If you are using full bleed images (right across screen for page banners or as full backgrounds) save as 2500px. We can help you optimise the images for web before uploading. use sub-folders for each page and product (if you are planning a shop). If you do not have photography, we can help with that too. Your product/lifestyle photography should be considered hand in hand with your website, branding and graphic design - they inform each other. 

Don't forget to note down all your logins and passwords for your domain/hosting, Mailchimp and social media accounts.

5. book your day

Once you have the above (mostly) ready it's time to meet with us for your One Day Web session. Yeshen will spend the time with you (either at our studio or at your office/home) and answer any questions you have while creating the design and layout of your site. Each day is different, it depends on your own skill level and what type of site you need. 

One key feature of Squarespace that we often use is the blog import tool. We can directly import your blog from Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr. The formatting may need some tweaking but it's a good backup and will save a lot of time. The import includes titles, text, images, tags and comments.

Product  listings can also be imported from Shopify, Big Cartel and ETSY - but you may have to reformat depending on the info on the listings.

One day is usually enough if you are willing to do some work yourself. Of course if you want to book another day or half day, no problem. 

6. checklist:

  • Logins/passwords to all your current web hosting, domain names, social media and other accounts
  • Your website plan
  • Words and images (photography and graphics) for your website in one folder (Dropbox/USB/Hard Drive)
  • Shop prices, product descriptions, shipping and T&Cs
  • If you are including a shop, work out your postage costs.

7. other things to consider


It's not rocket science, it's about understanding your audience and creating regular and relevant content for them not Google. Simple things like using the right words in your page titles and headings are very important. Blogging and social media are crucial. Read more about how Squarespace is built for S.E.O and tips here and here. If you want to go more in-depth on online marketing, we recommend Hubspot and MOZ.

Plus, here's a great guide on how to Maintain your SEO ranking after moving to Squarespace.

mailing list.

Squarespace works best with Mailchimp. We can easily create signup forms for your site. We recommend sending monthly updates to your subscribers.

social media.

Make notes of all your social account logins, we'll need those to link them to your Squarespace account so you can add buttons and feeds. We recommend and to schedule your posts.

shop payments.

Squarespace uses Stripe to process card transactions, it's free to setup an account. Squarespace also works with Paypal (since late 2016).


All Squarespace sites are fully responsive and optimised for mobile display. However, it is possible to add further mobile-specific customisations so if you know most of your audience is on mobile talk to us about this,

website brief

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