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Hired studio or hired house?

Choosing the location for the shoot is a crucial part of the planning process and will dictate the style and logistics of the shoot. We shoot at our Islington studio 90% of the time, however occasionally we need a more unique space. Here are some options and examples.

3-4 times per year we arrange hire of a location property in the UK for 3-5 days. We offer shorter shoot options, like 4-5 products, as well as full day shoots.
In most cases we transport the products to and from our studio and style/shoot on location without the clients there. Therefore this option requires a detailed plan and communication with our stylist.

See examples of these shoots at the following links:

The Welsh House Cottages Pt 1
The Welsh House Cottages Pt 2
The Forge, Hampshire
The Crow's Nest, Lyme Regis

Above: Highlights of our previous location shoots at houses in UK.

Location Houses and Properties

A refurbished, 2 bedroom Edwardian flat in South East London.

Half day: £175 / Full Day: £300
Inc Styling:
Half day: £250 / Full Day: £450
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Location agencies offer a choice of properties that are often custom built/dressed for photo shoots
They are expensive, from £1000 per day + VAT, but can be worth it if the style is right for your brand.

Search at:

Above: Chesterton Road London Location, available via Light Locations.

Above: Studios available for hire in London via

Prop Hire

Local to our Islington studio.