Yeshen Venema

Gift Guide 2019

Some festive gift ideas from designer/makers, featuring some of our favourite studio shoots this year.

All photography by Yeshen Venema.

Plush Toy – Riceslow

Plush Toy – Riceslow


Noodol’s characters are brilliant, so full of life. Their website is worth a visit just to see the full range! This one has velcro hands so can hang off a shelf, banister, cot or even your shoulders.

Riceslow is the slowest Ricemonster in town. He has no concept of time so he is always late. He also loves to practice yoga and meditation. This zen sloth has extra long white fur and velcro on his hands so he can hang anywhere he likes.

Riceslow is part of the Luxe Ricemonster collection. Luxe plush toys have a little something extra! Perfect companions both for little ones and the young at heart, Noodoll monsters are a great addition to nurseries, beds, playrooms and sofas from Noodolltown to beyond.

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