Yeshen Venema

Gift Guide 2018

Some festive gift ideas from designer/makers, featuring some of our favourite studio shoots this year.

All photography by Yeshen Venema. Header image features decorations from Luna&Curious.

Ocelot Choclate - Collections

Ocelot Choclate - Collections


Ocelot Chocolate is a small business, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is owned and run by Matt and Ish who left their jobs as chefs to pursue their dream of running our own business! They use the highest grade organic and fair-trade produce and are guided by ethical business practices in every way they can. They also draw and design all of their packaging and artwork = awesome. We have sampled this stuff and it's absolutely delicious.  The mango one is soooo good - mix and match a great prez for your chocoholic friends!

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