Yeshen Venema

Gift Guide 2018

Some festive gift ideas from designer/makers, featuring some of our favourite studio shoots this year.

All photography by Yeshen Venema. Header image features decorations from Luna&Curious.

Mr & Mrs Mug - Sue Pryke

Mr & Mrs Mug - Sue Pryke


We call this 'the perfect mug'. It sits so well in the hand. This year in new colours. 

Individually slipcast from vitrified earthenware and polished to give a smooth pebbly finish. The clay's fired to a high temperature until it's vitrified and no longer porous giving it a stone like quality. Unglazed polished finish. Capacity 200ml or 8oz.

Sue was one of our very early clients, we also helped her create her website as she launched her own range. If you're local you can pop by her new studio in Narborough for the winter sale on Fri 2 Dec, see for info.

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