Yeshen Venema

Gift Guide 2018

Some festive gift ideas from designer/makers, featuring some of our favourite studio shoots this year.

All photography by Yeshen Venema. Header image features decorations from Luna&Curious.

Crown Candelabra - Sebastian Cox

Crown Candelabra - Sebastian Cox


We love wood! These shots were taken in our most recent london location and were perfect for the mantlepiece.

This Crown candelabra is hand made from well managed crops of English ash and coppiced Kentish hazel. Its name is derived from the part of the hazel tree where the rods branch out grandly, traditionally known as the crown. The hazel stem of the candelabra is easily removable and fits snugly onto the turned ash base. The stems are hand turned, making each Crown candelabra totally unique.

And it looks so beautiful!

Prices starting from £55

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