Yeshen Venema

Gift Guide 2018

Some festive gift ideas from designer/makers, featuring some of our favourite studio shoots this year.

All photography by Yeshen Venema. Header image features decorations from Luna&Curious.

Atlas Candle - Laboratory Perfumes

Atlas Candle - Laboratory Perfumes


Shooting Laboratory Perfumes is always a sensory trip and this time its was a colourful one too. 

The perfumer’s latest candle, Atlas, is inspired by the scent and scenery of Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Its fragrance is based upon the nostalgia-laden aroma of pipe tobacco: layers of rum, vanilla and hay are topped with cinnamon, ginger and black pepper, wrapped in the woody warmth of cognac. As with all Laboratory Perfumes’ products, the Atlas Candle was made in the UK using natural oils extracted from flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals.

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