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Answers to all the usual Qs on style, pricing, locations, a typical shoot and a few you might not think to ask!

Yeshen. Photo: Helena Le Petite for Spoon Cereals

Yeshen. Photo: Helena Le Petite for Spoon Cereals

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a photographer and film-maker with a passion for the work of Designer/Makers and small businesses. I love working directly with clients in my studio, in this way you are involved with the shoot, we share ownership of the work and you can experience how it all comes together.

I work from my London studio shared with the Director Natasha Tonkin. When not taking pictures and making films, I write for blogs and magazines and present talks and workshops on the subject of photography and create beautiful websites with Yesh&Tash.

Read an interview (Summer 2015) on the Spoon Cereals blog for more.

Why not take my own photos?

Most of us have access to a decent camera, however product photography has many unique challenges and I beleive it requites a professional to deliver the best results. I consider the use of photography across your website, social media and publications - I see it as a crucial part of your brand.

What do you charge?

Min rate is £700+VAT for full day on location or at our studio. Min half day rate is £450+VAT Please see the pricing page for more info. I do not require deposits unless we are organising special location shoots.

Do you have your own studio?

Yes, in London N1, take a look.

What about testimonials from your clients?

Take a look at these client case studies.

Minor Goods

Minor Goods

Can I see your work online, or in print?

Follow my 'Spotted -Shoots and Press' Pinterest board and 'In Print' gallery for regular updates on published work.

How should I credit you?

Yeshen Venema in print

link to on web on Instagram if sharing there

How can I prepare for a shoot?

It's all covered in my 'How to prepare for your shoot' guide.
The password is studio62


Sue Pryke / Simple Shape

Sue Pryke / Simple Shape

Future and Found

Future and Found

How do you transfer the files?

I use WeTransfer and/or Dropbox.

A CD, DVD or USB can be supplied as an additional backup, on request.

I back up my shoots in three different places and I suggest you do the same. I keep the shoot trash files for 2 weeks, the seleted RAW image files for 1 year after the shoot and the edited/exported JPGs indefinetly.

Should I credit you?

That would be wonderful thank you. I never add watermarks to my shots, but of course appreciate credit when using on website and social media. I will do the same for you - I often share shoots on Instagram, and regular studio newsletter. 

What about tags and meta data and all that Google stuff?

I can help with that. If you send me a list of tags (key words) that you want attached to your images I can add these in my studio software, this will help with search results but is only a small part. Read this article on Squarespace for more. Adding the tags is one part, then you need to check that your website or selling platform will include them on upload.

Do you hold a valid CRB or other industry qualifications?

While working as photographer with Ofsted I obtained an enhanced CRB, this was updated while working for Action for Children (March 2011) and most recently with POPUp Projects (March 2014). I am also a Personal Licence Holder and experienced in event production and health and safety procedures.



What if I am not happy with the photos?

I will happily do a re-edit, or meet with you to discuss. If you are still not satisfied with the results, I will organise a re-shoot at no extra cost.

Are you on social media?

Yes - connect @, follow me @yeshen on Twitter and @yeshen.venema on Instagram or my other social links. And please join the discussion on my blog.  

Anything else? 

I also create short films and animations with the Director Natasha Tonkin. We are Yesh&Tash. If you want to go beyond product photography, drop us a line.

For the 'slightly smaller print' please see my full Terms.

Interviews, links and blog posts.

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