Yeshen Venema

ETSY Workshop

Thanks so much for coming to our ETSY Photo workshop last week.


Photo Challenge!

Choose one of your products and photograph it in 5 different ways over 5 days. Use the hashtag #oneproduct5ways to share your photos.

If you search for the Hashtag on Instagram and Twitter you’ll see many of the Crafts Council Hothouse group got into this earlier in the year!

Inspiration: Try using natural light at different times during the day, experimenting with angle of view, using different surfaces and backgrounds, going outside in countryside or urban environment. 

Basic Camera settings

No 1 tip is use a tripod for stability and consistent angel of view. If  you want to prop flat lay or overhead product shots you’ll need one with a horizontal column like this:

Shoot in Manual (M) mode for full control

Shutter Speed:
How fast the shutter opens. Faster - freeze motion but need more light, below 1/80 you’ll need a tripod

How wide the lens is open. lower number = less in focus, higher number more in focus but need more light.

How sensitive the camera is to light. Higher number more light but above 800 iso you will start to see grain/noise. For the cleanest, sharpest images shoot at ISO 100 or 200.

White Balance:
What the camera sees as ‘white’ This can depend on the ambient light, in morning it is cooler (more blue) and it’s warmer in evening (more yellow). It’s crucial to get this right for your colours to be reproduced accurately. 

Watch this video for more detail and examples:

Studio Kit.
White tac, masking tape, white gaffer tape, glue dots, fishing wire.

Diffusion material

Continuous daylight temp lighting kit


The ‘Learn’ pages on my new website contain lots of free presentations and tips:

Stanford University digital Photography course (free):

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