Studio garden

If I was not a photographer, I could well have become a landscape gardener.. there was a time in a previous London home that I spent hours every day creating containers and custom built window boxes, filling them with manner of herbs and flowers..

These days I'm shooting products and creating websites, but I still keep a little garden going.. the studio has two huge windows with large ledges and the kitchen (just off the studio) catches the evening light. Check out the recent upgrades.. they often find their way into the shoots! The other bonus is the view onto the stunning Spring blossom of Thornhill Square!

The view from the studio onto Thornhill Square.

The view from the studio onto Thornhill Square.

One of the studio window ledges features a new Acer

One of the studio window ledges features a new Acer

The kitchen window succulent display

The kitchen window succulent display

ETSY's Four Corners of Craft at LDF 2015

Now here's a wonderful opportunity!

Four Corners of Craft is a maker development and exhibition project supported by arts and craft organisations in all over the UK. The culmination is an exhibition of contemporary craft, in partnership with Tent London and the London Design Festival on 24-27th September 2015. 

I'll be out with my camera during April visiting some of the makers in their studios.

Julia Smith Ceramics

Julia Smith Ceramics

ETSY Four Corners of Craft

Apply for free!

Etsy are now calling for high quality contemporary craft of all disciplines including: Basketry, Ceramics, Fashion & Accessories, Furniture, Glass, Interior Products, Jewellery, Paper & Book Art, Printmaking, Silversmithing & Metalwork, Textiles, Woodwork.

Etsy invites both emerging and established designer makers based in the United Kingdom (in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales) to apply.

To be eligible to apply you must have an active Etsy shop. If you don’t currently sell on Etsy you can open a shop in order to apply.

Four Corners of Craft is a selling exhibitions and Etsy will sell your work on your behalf, processed via your Etsy shop (the usual 3.5% commission applies).

Deadline: midnight, on Tuesday 7 April.

Get involved on social by sing #MakingUK and mention @EtsyUK.

More information and to apply

The sound of the studio

Music is always playing, both in the photo studio and Yesh&Tash's 'Studio B' upstairs. Clients always ask what the radio station is, so we are happy to share!

The station we listen to 24/7 is Fip out of Paris. It's available streaming online at or through their app. They just play the best music, all day with no ads and only a brief 'actualités' (news) broadcast on the hour. Somehow the news being in Fresh always sounds good. 

Every day at 6pm it's 'Club JazzaFip' and you'll hear film soundtracks, classical, folk, soul, hiphop and re-edits all blended to together seamlessly. They also curate excellent live sessions, a recent one featured Ghostpoet.



Lollipop Designs in the studio

Last week I welcomed the team from Lollipop Designs to the studio. We had a great day creating lifestyle scenes for several product ranges including their notepads, planners and ceramic platters.

The shoot was well planned so we knew exactly what type of crops and layouts were needed for their website - this is exactly how I like to work. I often talk about this when doing my workshops and webinars for the Design Trust.

Here's some of the highlights.

The (even) Bigger Picture!

It's such a buzz to see friends making great things. Daisy Jacobs and Chris Wilder created a fantastic animated short called The Bigger Picture last year. It's gathered a lion-share of festival wins, not to mention a BAFTA and Oscar nomination.

I was fortunate to visit the set (at the National Film and Television School) to shoot some 'making of' stills, while watching cinematographer Max Williams at work. The production was full of innovative techniques, from the props to the lighting, they really pulled off something special.



Now, they've turned to Kickstarter to crowd-fund their next film, which will employ similar techniques (life-sized stop-motion animation with six-foot-something painted characters interacting in half-painted/half-real sets).

Watch the pitch video below - it's brilliant. Click here for more on the project and to see the rewards, including props from the film! Also, check out a recent interview with animator/director Chris Wilder at The New Current.

#coadgbursary 2014 - the shoots

Here are the results from my recent shoots with the winner, Alicja Patanowska, and the shortlisted designers; Mind the Cork, Above and Beyond and Jacqueline Seifert. If you made it down to the HOME show this month, you would have seen these designers + last year's winner Fanny Shorter. 2013 winner Jessica Hogarth was also in the building, representing at Top Drawer!

We had a great time over two separate days at my London studio.

Alicja Patanowska

Mind the Cork, Above and Beyond and Jacqueline Seifert.